Waiver wire or Handcuffs Hunt and Bell (making Playoffs83%)

DO you think it is more important to roster a Perine, Jamal WIliams, or have handcuffs to Bell and Hunt? i have bell and Hunt on a team and on the same team and already have rostered Connor. my other RB’s are Crowell and ALex COollilns. What is the BEST thing for me to do heading into the playoffs?

take the handcuffs… perine and williams are irrelevant on your team as their starters will be back before the playoffs, so take the handcuffs as insurance instead

Thank you, I forgot to mention 1 other item. if I pick up Perine, he has keeper potential for me as i drafted him. with that being said, I also have Diggs and Devante Parker as other keeper eligible Players. so this could be Moot.