Waiver Wire or Trade Advice?

My Team currently:

MThomas, JBrown, CRidley, CKupp, Keke Coutee
CMC, Sony, Mixon, Collins
Ebron, Burton, Engram
K/DST - nobody cares

After this week I will be 5-2 (I got Mahomed this week, lost by 5pts)…are there any roster changes you all would recommend? Package trades or Waiver Wire?

Thanks in advance!

If it were me, I’d see if you could package Collins and brown for an upgrade at receiver (possibly even Hilton? Opinions on him vary widely), or package then with one of your TEs for an upgrade there, and then drop at least one of them lol.
Waivers I’d look for Chubb in case he wasn’t snatched up yet

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Ya i was thinking of going after Golladay but hilton could be a good target

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