Waiver wire pickup of dropped players

Hey foot members, waiver wire went through on Wednesday, and someone had dropped Big Ben. As a goff owner I figured Big Ben would be a good plug for this week, only issue is the 2 day grace period, the pickup would go through until Friday. I wrote to the commissioner asking if he could help being that if Ben were to play Sunday I’d be able to pick him up and play him. I was denied on past presidence. Do I have a legitimate gripe being that this decision cost me my week unless goff goes off? Also now I have to wait until Wednesday for the waiver wire to go through because Ben played Thursday adding 6 days for other players to try and pick him up with 40 points wafting in their face. What can I do? How do we prevent this from happening? Side note Big Ben is the perfect handcuff for goff owners every tough matchup for goff is easy for Ben, good luck in the playoffs and thank you.

I totally see why that’d be upsetting, especially when it’d lineup perfectly for you with Goff having a tough matchup… but I do think that the rule makes sense and that your commissioner’s decision is fair. The waiver period is there so that players do have a fair amount of time to see available players and bid on them. It prevents players who have scheduling and time advantages (i.e. stay awake til 3:15 AM) from getting all of the waiver pickups.

Imagine how would you feel if another player in your league asking the commissioner to do this. If you were busy throughout the day and you logged into your fantasy league at night and saw that the commissioner placed big ben on your league mate’s (or even opponent’s) bench, but you never had the chance to put in a bid on him, you might be upset. I’m not trying to burst your bubble. I think that you have every right to be frustrated. I think it’s just one of those shitty timing situations.

This, of course, is just my impartial opinion. I don’t want to piss in your cheerios. I do really hope that you get him! I didn’t know about the complementing schedules for Goff. That’s a great tip! Thank you.

I appreciate the input, I may be in the wrong my only gripe is if Ben played Sunday I’d have him in my lineup. You are 100 percent correct there needs to be a fair amount of time for people to bid. So tough watching a player you needed blow up as expected lol again thanks you, I’m just being sour I guess fair is fair

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Yeah, that part is the shitty timing, less-fair part, because you basically have no chance to pick him up and be rewarded be staying engaged. It’s a balance though. You want to reward people who are paying attention, such as yourself, but you also want it to be fair, so the rules that benefit one situation, but not the other. Some players hate Thursday Night Football, so maybe if they ever do away with that, then this problem would be solved.

I hope you get him on waiver day! I’m gonna be watching in case anyone drops him now, in leagues that I have Goff :+1: