Waiver Wire Pickup: Ty Montgomery, Alex Collins or T. Cohen

So I’m currently in a 14 team, full point ppr league. My team is 4-3 and seems to be up and down every week. Recently A. Collins, T. Cohen and Ty Montgomery all were dropped. I can pick them up this Sunday. My plan is to drop Charles Clay. My question is who would you pickup for the rest of the season or would you hold onto Clay? Would also love to hear your thoughts on how much value Mont has the rest of the season. Leaning towards picking up Ty Mont simply due to upside potential. My lineup is as follows:
QB - Deshaun Watson
WR - Demaryius Thomas
WR - Willie Snead
RB - Lev Bell
RB - Doug Martin
TE - Kyle Rudolph
W/R/TE (Flex) - Marlon Mack
K - Hauschka
DEF - Philly (Jags on bye)
Bench: Deonte Thompson, Rishard Matthews (bye), Sterling Shep (bye) Charles Clay, Jags D (Bye)

I think you gotta go Alex Collins on this one. He had a great game last night against one of the better rush defenses in the league. I have Ty Mont in multiple leagues and I am hoping he somehow comes back to his old self but that is not looking likely. Collins seems to be the hot hand in Baltimore I would go with him.

Thanks for the advice! I was back and forth between Ty and Collins. I think picking up Ty is just wishful thinking on my part that he’ll be what he was the first 2 weeks. The only issue I have with Collins is he doesn’t usually get receptions, but if he can keep running like last night hopefully that won’t be an issue.

I would go TY because you have seen him be a stud before. Jones isn’t a big back and if he gets hurt then you have a solid RB from TY without Rodgers