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Waiver Wire Priority Help


10 Team PPR and Smallwood AND Lockett are both available. I’m number 2 in the priority this week and I’m not sure who I should make as my first claim. I’m dropping Aaron Jones and Quincy Enunwa for them. My current team is below:

QB: Bortles (Stream)
RB: Brieda, Hines, Ingram II, Alex Collins, Lamar Miller, and A. Jones
WR: Hopkins, Landry, Larry Legend, Enunwa, and Marvin Jones.


who is available? i’d prioritize WR but it all depends on who you can get


just a few examples for a point of reference on how active your league is


locket for sure imho. He is a good wr1 and until baldwin gets back into full which could be a bit he will remain a good play every week. you have a good rb core with ingram holding it down now


League is active. I’d like to think that I don’t play with scrubs. Smallwood and Lockett are who i’m targeting. I just can’t decide who I should get first.


Drop Enunwa for Lockett first then Smallwood. Please don’t drop Aaron Jones he will take over that GB backfield and the Eagles one will be a messy RBBC and based on your roster not worth the investment Jones is far better than any Eagles back you can get.


I second this


Oh, well I’d go for Lockett first. Eagles backfield is a mystery and Lockett has been no mystery this season. You need the WR help more than RB’s, too.


I agree. I’m just enticed by Smallwood. I think he’ll outproduce Clement with Ajai being out.


i hear ya, you legit need a 3rd WR though, and Lockett is a ROS WR2 with upside at this point after 5 weeks of proof. Smallwood isn’t anything but a gambling Flex play at his best. And you have better options than him for that too. Would absolutely get Lockett if you can


That is what I’ll do. Thanks man!


He may well out produce Clement but i don’t think he will out produce Jones that’s my view and why i’d hold him here.
Honestly let the rest of your league figure out Smallwood vs Clement. It could actually be Josh Adams who will surely go unnoticed in the rush for the aforementioned or even a veteran like Charles or Darkwa to really muddy the water. Wait and see and keep the better player in Jones


Oh wow sorry I missed that part about dropping A. Jones. Good catch @James89 , totally agree. But I would still drop Enunwa for Lockett. I think that is a reasonable exchange. Maybe Marvin or Fitz. I want to say Fitz but it’s really hard to pull that trigger…


Darnold looked good, too. I think it’s time to drop Fitz. he’s got nothing left with this team. they are so bad.


Also to add if you do get Lockett… next up on the chopping block for any diamond in the rough waiver pick and i feel dirty saying it - Larry Legend. He’s not be anywhere near good, i’d give him another week but really based on your guys he is miles ahead of the rest to be cut. Don’t be fooled by the name, sadly he looks done…


so hard to say lol.


I was thinking if I didn’t go with Smallwood, I could always gamble on kyle juszczyk if Brieda is officially out for this week. Thanks again guys!


I’m not sure i’d do that haha but for sure the next pick up worth while… it’s Larry out of the door to get them…


RIP Larry Legend. Showed so much promise last year with trash as QBs only to show nothing for it this year.


I wouldn’t drop Brieda over a sprained ankle, but since my IR slot is open, might as well grab the next guy up since morris is already taken,