Waiver wire question? Sanu?

Sanu is available on the wire and I need to plug a WR for my byes…I have Christian Kirk on the bench. Should I drop him for Sanu?? Sanu is pretty much the 3rd option on the team compared to the possibility of Kirk being one of the main options on the team opposed to Johnson and the underwhelming Fitzgerald. Suggestions?? Thanks

Ahhhh. Sano represents a floor to me. He’s not gonna score you like 20 30 points but he’s always good for around 8 to 9. Kirk your hoping for a break out especially with Rosen just getting used to the wr core. If you can stash Kirk sure do it but if you need someone to plug it then go sanu.

Thanks! I have Josh Gordon, Kupp and Keelan Cole right now for this coming week. I have Michel as a flex but I could move him in place of Buck Allen and put another WR in the flex. I have Fitzgerald on the bench and Marvin Jones on bye. I can go with those guys this week but was thinking maybe Sanu is better for even long term. or as the flex for this week.

If you wanted to pick up sanu this week’s match up if probably one of the better ones to start him against. What’s the rest of your team.

RB’s are Kamara, J. Conner, Michel, Buck Allen and Leveon Bell…It was a keeper league so I kept Bell and Kamara. I also have Peyton Barber but I would drop him for whoever at this point.

WR’s are the guys from above…Fitzgerald has been crap (I know he’s hurt so Im hoping he heals up). And I was a retard and dropped Ridley after week 1. So that’s why I was wondering who is better longterm…Kirk or Sanu

Maybe I can help by providing some statistics from the first 5 weeks of the season so far:

Cardinals target share:
Larry Fitzgerald - 27
Christian Kirk - 24
Chad Williams - 19
Total: 73

Falcons target share:
Julio Jones - 55
Mohamed Sanu - 31
Calvin Ridley - 26
Total: 119

Now looking at those stats above you can already begin to understand 2 important things:

  • Falcons throw the ball way more, resulting in way more opportunities
  • Kirk gets about 33% of the targets, compared to Sanu getting about 26% of the targets

So you have to decide, would you rather go with the guy who’s consistently getting more overall volume with Sanu at the Falcons? Or Kirk who may have the higher chance of being targeted, but less often overall in the game. Not to mention considering both the Falcons+Cardinals offenses and how much they pass and what teams they are up against the next few weeks.

Falcons are up against: TB, NYG, (bye), WAS, CLE
Cardinals are up against: MIN, DEN, SF, (bye), KC

I personally am leaning towards Sanu because he is on a more prolific offense that has Matt Ryan throwing the ball around. Compared to Kirk who has Josh Rosen(who may be decent, no one knows), with an offense that doesn’t even know how to use DJ properly right now, so a lot more uncertainties there for me.

Thanks for such an in-depth answer man. Appreciate it.

Sanu is not the #3 option on the team my man. Huge Falcons fan here having watched every game and Sanu is targeted more every game. Ridley is a great young talent but has taken advantage of a lapse in defenses having not gameplanned for him and doubling Julio. You will see a sharp decline in TDs from Ridley. Sanu is as consistent as Julio and Ryan trusts him on any and every third down. No brainer here. Take Sanu.

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