Waiver Wire Question WR Bench Stash

Would you drop Quincy Enunwa or Larry Fitzgerald for Geronimo Allison?

0.5 PPR

Based on performance Larry legend but based on name Enunwa…Larry jus got a new QB again so idk if I would give up on him jus yet and Allison may not even play this week…

i’d drop enunwa for him.

I like the trajectory Allison’s on this season, the concussion sucks for him. I wouldn’t expect him to play this week so if you could afford the stash I’d go for it - probably drop Enunwa. I like that Enunwa is the possession receiver for the Jets, but I’d really just take the upside that Allison has shown this season. They’re both on pace for a 1,000 yard season but I’d rather have the touchdown potential with Green Bay.

This kinda the last straw for Larry this week if he doesnt perform I’d drop him and let him be some1 elses problem. Enunwa has had a good steady floor to where you can feel comfortable at least putting him the flex. And I’d rather have allison over fitz since he has the better qb.

FItz has been such a roster clog- I can’t imagine dropping him, but I’d also never feel comfortable playing him. I like the floor that Enunwa gives, but I feel handcuffed by stupid fitzgerald. Not really a whole lot of trade value for him either.

Unless maybe I try to ship out Enunwa AND Fitz for a slight upgrade? Not sure who you could target with those two though.

i’d hold fitz one more week and just drop enunwa for allison. you can’t drop fitz yet imo. he and DJ could get hot and change the look of that team a lot. Rosen wasn’t that bad looking honestly.