Waiver Wire Question:

Which is the better waiver add looking forward 0.5 PPR

  • Cameron Brate (currently own Trey Burton)
  • Geronimo Allison (other WR are OBJ, Boyd, Larry Fitz, and Enunwa_

Or do I drop Fitz or Enunwa and make both waiver claims?

This is a TOUGH one. I have a hard time dropping Fitz. Brate has upside. Enunwa had a bad game. Geronimo caught my attention last year. I think you could drop Enunwa for Geronimo. I have Burton too, and I’m going to stick with him but in the leagues I have Burton I have Djoku in one and Vance in the other for backups.

I would just pick up Allison. I would have played him this week if he wasn’t out with the concussion and I am sure he would have done better than Corey Davis this week.

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As Burton is past the bye week i think you drop Enunwa and grab Allison here. Keep Fitz for now

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Allison is the only one that could offer usage so I would just target him

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The officials were really bad on sunday when Enunwa was clearly held on a would be 34 yard TD. Plus Fitz probably has one good matchup the rest of the year and that’s at home against Oakland. He does get KC this year but it is at Arrowhead and Fitz has proved he is a different player away from home.

I would say that Enunwa has a pretty bad schedule coming after Indy next week - Vikes, Bears, Dolphins, Bills, Pats, Titans, Bills again. I don’t think either are particularly exciting but at least when Fitz is healthy he is usually a target hog with little competition and has a nice stretch post bye week over Enunwa which was why I would air on holding him here but I could be talked into either and really based on the other options i wouldn’t use them much they’re just stashes so no major preference who to drop to be honest. Also i swear i heard Enunwa was hurt or carrying a concern with a neck or shoulder but i can’t find it anyway… Either way Allision over both for me.