Waiver Wire RBs

Could use some opinions on how to rank these guys as adds: Carson, C. Johnson, Marlon Mack. Let me know what you think.

My 2 cents.

Carson has highest ceiling. Chris Johnson is going to frustrate. Marlon Mack is only valuable if Gore goes down.

Mack had the same number of touches as Gore, and got the goal line work. He should habe5hsd 2 TDs, but good old Chuck didn’t challenge one that was ruled out of bounds in error.


Carsons should be decent right out the gate and long term could win the job

Mack I think benefits until luck is back… Once luck is back we might see more gore… But mack is gonna be a good long term option for the colts… And if the coach doesn’t run a play instead of challenge the thinking on the field. Mack finished with 2 Tds

Johnson is a total boom bust guy… In a couple weeks he could be the top guy and blow up… Or the Arizona back field could just be a muddled mess. I think you only add Johnson if you have a deep bench or was a super crazy high upside guy to throw in your flex some weeks

That was my initial thinking as well. Got Carson and Mack, but was considering Johnson. I think I’ll stand pat.