Waiver Wire Scraps - Please Help!

Full PPR. Injuries and Bye week have decimated my team this week. Injuries include Theilen and Hooper. Bye week include Barkley, Lockett, Wilson. I’m scraping the waiver for a reasonable RB/TE/QB to play this week.

TE Stream for this week:

  • Eifert
  • Fells
  • Fant

RB top options on waiver:

  • Ballage
  • Samules
  • Mostert (I am leaning toward with Breida out)

QB to stream for the week:

  • Garoppolo
  • K. Allen

My team:

  • Wilson
  • Gordon, Barkley, Gallman, Murray, Mattison
  • Lockett, Fitz, Beasley, Woods, Theilen,
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For RB, The Ballers have Ballage and Mostert back-to-back, and Samuels well behind both. If the focus is this week only, I’d go for Mostert. Ballage might have a little more use rest of season though.

QB - My streaming model says Garoppolo by a good margin this week over K. Allen. Neither are good options going forward so it’s really just this week that matters.

TE - My streaming model has Eifert and Fells pretty close this week, but Fells is much better as a season-long prospect, so I’d lean that way just in case you need to hang onto him. (The Ballers have all three bunched together in their rankings.)

You can check out my models with projections for QBs, TEs and DSTs for every remaining week in the season in my Week 11 post here. It can really help for planning a week or two ahead and for the playoffs so you can get the good streaming plays before you have to compete with the rest of your league for them. Comments and feedback welcome. Good luck!

Sith_Are_People_Too thank you for the help and the link!

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