Waiver Wire Strategy

Okay so I’ve got a bit of a dilemma this week

QB: Goff(BYE)
WR: AB, Thielen, Reynolds(BYE), Sanu, Moncrief
RB: DJ, Jones, Kerryon, Mack, Duke, Coleman
TE: OJ Howard

I have to pick up Mayfield to fill my QB spot(but not dropping Goff). I would also like to pick up Tre’quan Smith over Moncrief. I am also aiming to pick up Doyle to replace Howard.

Who do I drop here to get Mayfield+Smith+Doyle to replace my QB, WR3/4 and TE? Not sure how to approach my waiver priorities. @MikeMeUpp need your help again here with setting waivers, kind of confused here how I should list my pickups

Not Mike but here how I’d approach it:

Drop Mont for TSmith
Drop OJ for TE of choice
Drop Sanu or Duke for Mayfield

Gun to head who to drop Duke or Sanu? Sanu. He’ll never start over the other three under any circumstance and the waiver is consistently full of his caliber WR.

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yeah that’s basically how I’m thinking, I already have Reynolds on the bench if i need him, so having him or Smith would be fine WR3 options so I guess I don’t need Moncrief+Sanu.

How would you have the waiver claims set up?

1 - Drop Moncrief for Smith
2 - Drop OJ for Vance
3 - Drop OJ for Doyle
4 - Drop OJ for Brate
5 - Drop Sanu for Mayfield
6 - Drop Sanu for Winston

However I see a problem with the above priorities is that if I don’t get Smith, and I DO get Mayfield/Winston…

I will have dropped Sanu and have to play Moncrief as my WR3, when I would prefer to play Sanu. Might have to swap those names around.

That’s a good way to approach it if that’s your TE preference. On the QB as a flyer I’d take Winston all day. I’d probably even have him as priority 2. His upside is tremendously more that Mayfield, although his floor is lower. I like Winston coming off the bench though. He’ll be great a couple games then suck again.

well I only need them for next week, so I was looking at Mayfield vs CIN and then Winston vs SF.

I feel like SF’s defense isn’t terrible, they have a decent pass rush but I could be wrong. So I was more thinking of safer floors.

Update: set it up like this…hopefully a straight swap between Smith / Sanu. Then one of the QBs for Moncrief. And then the rest for Def/K…

Edit: Added JAX DST because I saw them on Waivers, and they’re up against BUF/IND/TEN/WAS next few games which should give them some decent points. Indy might be the only game that causes some trouble but the rest I think are good for that Def

Can’t argue Mayfield having a higher floor. I’m pointing out a trend I’ve realized with TB QBs though. They come off the bench as a fantasy monster, then over the next 3-4 weeks fade and lose their jobs. Winston is game 1 back and I bet he blows up. Could bust, no doubt. But the trend says he will explode this week.

Ended up picking up Mayfield and Vance as my QB and TE for this week. Smith went for quite a high FAAB bid…really pissed at myself for dropping him last week