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Waiver Wire Targets


I have Greg Olsen and Tyrod Taylor I am looking to do something with.

Should I try to trade low on Greg Olsen because he is coming back later this year and get someone of mediocre value that is on someones bench?

Who should I try to target on the waiver wire this week?

Jameis is my QB
Zach Ertz is my TE

Looking at either a backup QB, WR, RB


Depending on your scoring, there are a ton of backup QBs who are worth picking up. Watson, Goff, Simian, Luck, all come to mind. I like strength of schedule for Simian, although I wish I could spell his name correctly.

I would try to get some kind of value for Olsen after last year’s disappointment, if possible. If not, I wouldn’t waste more than a week holding out for a trade, I’d probably just cut him.