Waiver Wire Tinker Time... 1/2 PPR

Is it worth it to drop Powell, Uzomah, or Keke for the below? Or am I tinkering too much?

Taylor Gabriel
Marquis Goodwin
Christian Kirk

Roster is below; I have Cohen in over Yeldon/Fournette and Ingram due to the Ravens matchup and the fact the Jags have been awful in the last 2 games (but they do play better at home…)

Starting lineup:
Matt Ryan
T. Cohen
S. Diggs
R. Woods
Kittles and Bits
J. Landry
Kicker - No one cares
DST - No one cares


I’d probably drop uzomah for Goodwin

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Is it even worth picking up Goodwin, or should we wait for another game? This might be another irrational add based off one explosive week, and I don’t like chasing points off the waiver wire when there isn’t a track record of consistency…

Although I am not sure how SF lost that game, they dominated the first half!

I agree about goodwin - let someone else chase those points. Gabriel may be worth a look, would probably drop uzema for him. Otherwise you don’t really need the guys.

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Goodwin was the only real receiving option with all the injuries last night. Let’s see what happens over the course of the next few weeks. He’s finally healthy and looks like there could be some downfield rapport with Beathard. And WOW CJ looked pretty good last night too!

I think with how good your team is you should be chasing upside, and I think Goodwin is the highest of those. That’s all I’m saying


Thanks man, was thinking of putting Goodwin as the top priority and drop Keke. For Gabriel, is it worth dropping Powell or Uzomah; both podcasts I listened to today are all about Uzomah as he has a juicy schedule and Kroft is out for the foreseeable future…

I HATE rostering 2 QB’s and 2 TE’s for the record… I have 2 QB’s through week 10 at least to cover week 8 & 9 byes… Kittle should be good to start EVERY week and seems to be near matchup proof like the top guys, but IDK, I like the upside of Uhomah…

For me it just depends on if you legitimately plan on playing him. If you’re going to play him for a couple weeks I wouldn’t have a problem keeping both for a couple weeks. People are overreacting on Gabriel imo… he’s had good production, but I don’t think Trubisky will have to throw that much usually AND i still think Robinson is the better overall receiver (as opposed to the 49ers, where I’d say Goodwin is their #1 when healthy).

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Fair point about the Bears; Mitch looks like he’s playing better, but can he really be trusted…

Goodwin is top priority, dropping Keke for Goodwin. Houston looks awful and if Watson isn’t in a wheelchair come week 12 I’ll be shocked…

Is Mack worth a stash, meaning drop Powell for Mack? Or not even worth it. Or would you stick by your original sentiment and drop Uzomah? Or drop Uzomah as well for possibly Gabriel or Mack?

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we would drop Powell for Goodwin

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I would drop Uzomah for Goodwin or Gabriel. You dont need 2 TEs and you need depth at WR

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He’s already stacked at running back, no need to harbor POwell. CJ caught 5 passes last games

Beyond Kittle’s bye, when else would you actually play Uzomah? There will be someone suitable for a TE there that week and then sure drop Powell then. But you simply dont drop running backs to waivers.

Nice, thanks, setting up to drop Keke and then probably Powell/Uzomah for Goodwin and then Gabriel…

I like Kirk and want to take him if possible but I have to wait until waivers clear… Dropped him to grab Uzomah to block my opponent last week before kickoff when he needed a TE… Didn’t actually matter because I got blown out…

I will never actually play Uzomah, and I have until week 11 to figure something out for the bye…

CJ had a pretty good this past week. Serviceable for his first start. H’es the main option and Dalton has history to throwing to his tight ends in the red zone. He will never utilize powell with that running back core. CJ maybe good insurance behind Kittle

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Fair point. Powell is an injury away from being a starter on the Jets, but I will never play him either… Any when I did put him in the line this past week he laid an egg.

Gabriel’s usage is what intrigues me. He’s not yor average deep play guy, they like to involve him on jet sweeps, screen passes, and short goalline throws ON TOP of his nine routes. I’m fairly confident in plugging him in at the flex moving forward, depending on what your team needs. I think he has similar upside and higher floor than goodwin.

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Also, TE is rather slim pickings in the league on the WW, which is also why I have 2 QB’s and traded for Matt Ryan several weeks ago… There is nothing reliable and anything decent is snatched up immediately. Best QB on the WW is Baker… and most teams are rostering 2 TE’s as well as QB’s in this 12 team 1/2PPR league…

I’d drop coutee and uzomah/Powell for Goodwin and Mack. Mack looks to return to his near workhorse role

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Thanks, trying to get Goodwin, Gabriel, and Mack, and will drop some combo of Keke, Uzomah, and Powell.

I am 10th on waivers and byes are starting to impact everyone, so IDK if I’ll get all 3, but maybe I can snag 2…

Thanks for the opinions all! Appreciate the great points!

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