Waiver Wire / Traded player Keepers - Mail Bag Question 20AUG19

Was listening to the show the other day. One of the mail bag questions asked about adding waiver pick ups as keepers to their league. I just wanted to share my ideas and the keeper rules I added to the league I’m the commissioner of. I admit the rules can be confusing at first. But just maybe our keeper settings can change or add the elements people are looking to add to their league. I run my league with the keeper options of:

  1. You can choose your keeper from players you drafted and kept on your roster the whole season from the previous year. Players drafted in the first 2 rounds can’t be a keeper. When chosen as a keeper, the player is taken with the same round pick for the following year. Consecutive keepers move up 2 rounds when kept consecutive years after year 2. Once a player exceeds a 3rd round draft keeper projection, they are ineligible as a keeper, regardless or ADP or projection. (I.E. 2017 Thielen drafted Rd 16, 2018 Keeper with Rd 16 pick, 2019 Keeper with Rd 14 pick, 2020 keeper with round 12)

  2. Waiver wire pick up players are eligible as keepers if they were picked up before Week 9 (trade deadline) and kept on the roster through the remainder of the season. Waiver keepers are kept in later rounds depending on how early of a week you picked them up. The latest waiver pick ups start from the 3rd round (no keepers in the 1st 2 rounds). Once consecutive keepers are established, the 2 round progression from rule #1 apply. (I.E. James Connor waiver wire pick up Week 1 in 2018, 2019 keeper in Rd 11, 2020 Connor Keeper Rd 9 / 2018 Damien Williams waiver wire pick up Week 9, 2019 Keeper Rd 3, 2020 ineligible keeper)

  3. Traded players (trade deadline week 9) are eligible if kept on the roster for remainder of season. Their keeper round is translated to the round they were drafted by the original team (rule #1). Waiver players traded have the keeper price of the week they were picked up (rule #2). If the player was previously a keeper, the traded player accrues the 2 year consecutive keeper price (rule #1). (I.E. 2018 Team A trades Bradin Cooks (drafted Rd 6) to Team B. 2019 Team B keeps Cooks Rd 6, 2020 keeper Rd 4 / 2018 Team 1 Waiver claims Marlon Mack in Week 2, same season Team 1 trades Mack to Team 2 before trade deadline, 2019 Team 2 can keep Mack with Rd 10 pick, 2020 Rd 8 keeper / 2017 Team X drafts Mixon Rd 8, 2018 Team X keeps Mixon in Rd 8, same season Team X trades Mixon to Team Y, 2019 Team Y can keep Mixon in Rd 6)

I know it seems a bit complicated but this keeper format has added a lot of strategic benefits to the league. There’s added value with trades depending on their keeper value. Teams not projected for the playoffs can work with teams that are all in on the current season and start planning for a keeper move for next year. It keeps teams active and aggressive on the waiver wire cause they still have keeper value. Most of all, it still rewards teams that were committed to depth at potential in the draft with later round keeper opportunities. I know there’s extra work on the commissioner to compile the eligible keepers in the off season but my league loves the competitive nature it brings to the league. I hope this helps or gives other commissioners ideas for their league. Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions. I’d be happy to discuss. Good luck to all footclan players this season!

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