Waiver Wire: Will Fuller - give up Cole, Cupp or Watkins

Howdy All, Someone just dropped Will Fuller to the Waiver wire. He clears waivers on 9/26. My WRs are Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper, Sammy Watkins, Marvin Jones, Cooper Kupp and Keelan Cole.

We only have 5 bench spots. Should I drop Kupp or Cole for Fuller?

Thanks for your feedbacK!

I would drop Cole.

I’d definitely keep Cupp since he has a decent floor and you already have some risky guys in Cooper/Watkins.

I would drop marvin jones, he looks like the WR3 in det

I would say Cole because JAX passing game goes to crap once Fournette plays

help with mine…

I am in a similar situation. I just picked up Cole off a waiver for a decent amount of money. So I really don’t want to drop him. I might end up dropping Cupp instead , but I don’t want to

Oh yeah, it is .5PPR

I wouldn’t do Coleman for Barber. Barber isn’t good, Coleman is probably a better starter even when he’s in a timeshare than Barber is. Plus I expect Freeman’s injury to cause him problems even once he’s back.

Also to OP, it would probably be Cole for me.

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry, I could not reply to yours. My account was new, so after one post, they locked down until it was approved by an Admin.

Would give up Cole probably for fuller. Kupp is still a pretty decent red zone play on that team.