Waiver wire WRs

Pick up Deebo Samuel or Randall Cobb?

Id lean Deebo the cowboys schedule gets much tougher and hes number 3 under gallup and cooper where Deebo is really only behind Sanders with Kittle out and sanders has been hurt

Maybe try to pick up both? Would you drop Boyd for either one of these?

I feel i have plenty of players i can drop:

  • Hollywood
  • Brian Hill
  • Boyd
  • Damien Williams
  • McLaurin

Yeah id probably drop Boyd he just has no qb to throw him the ball anymore, everyone is out on hollywood but im not yet i think hes going to end up with like 2 big games down the stretch.

No idea if D Williams rib issue is going to be more of an issue moving foward and the F1 has the same problem of boyd with no qb to get him the ball

I like Deebos upside but idk how to feel about Cobb honestly. Hes gotten better the last 2 weeks but i dont know that i believe its sustainable. I mean look how few looks Zeke got in that last game too hes going to be more involved than recent weeks

Yeah you’re right R.I.P. to Boyd and McLaurin who are great players, but WRs can only be as productive as their QBs. I think I’m more apt to drop Boyd since McLaurin is basically the only passing option in WAS.

Zeke’s involvement in the passing work as been missing all season. Dak is having an MVP caliber year so he might be able to sustain 3 wide receivers. And Cobb, being the 3rd option, might just benefit from those tougher match-ups.

I’m down on Hollywood because his snap percentage is so low. He is the epitome of boom or bust. I’d rather have a player on my bench with a decent floor.

Just remember I know Browns targets and everything are low now but remember when he was fully healthy at the start of the season and was seeing like 10+ targets a game. That might have been high then but the 3 targets on the week isnt where he should be when healthy but Id say Mclaurin over Boyd too

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