Waivers for teams out of the playoffs

How do we feel about teams out of the playoffs making waiver claims while the playoffs are in progress? Personally, I have no problem with it, however a guy in my work league is throwing a huge fit about it on our league discussion boards.

He went 11-2 during the year and just blitzed the league. He’s got Gurley, Mixon, Chubb, Cohen, and just added Justin Jackson. He’s whining because he didn’t get Damien Williams and wants to change the rules so that non playoff teams and teams that lose in the playoffs either no longer can make roster moves or don’t play completely.

How do I politely tell this guy to go screw himself?

Yeah, no. Just because he made the playoffs and others didn’t, doesn’t mean they have to stop playing.

  1. It’s part of the competitiveness of the league. Teams can still troll other teams, as long as it is above board. Who is he to get to tell other teams they don’t get to keep playing?

  2. The non-playoff teams still play their consolation bracket and if you have a punishment for the last place team, they are going to make damn sure not to be last. Even if there is no punishment though, they are still allowed to play their bracket. I ran into this last year where I was out of the playoffs, but I still wanted to play my team through the consolation because I wasn’t ready for the season to be done…and I don’t like being last out of pride lol.

So basically, tell him to focus on his own team and others will focus on theirs.

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AND…some of those teams could still possibly end up in a tie. Which, in our league at least, is where those OH SO VALUABLE points come in to play as the TIE-BREAKER. As a result, it could make a difference between finishing in 8th place vs 7th. OR…9th place vs dead last!!!

(sorry…forgot to mention that I’m going on a 10-team league)

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Tell them that any team can make a waiver claim during the NFL playoffs. Same in your league.


This is my first year in the league as I just joined this company in May. Apparently this guy is the run away winner nearly every year. This just sounds like sour grapes to me.

It sounds like someone who is spoiled by their recent wins and is lacking confidence in their team. Tell them to grow up. FF is for fun, not a means to establish an identity.

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