Waivers help, who to drop

OJ is my TE and need a replacement, but not trying to drop him and not sure who else would be ideal.

Radar to be dropped (fav to least fav)
j Brown

I’m not sure why you don’t want to drop OJ, he’s on bye and out 4 weeks. Plus Brate is the better TE pairing when it comes to Winston. OJ is an easy drop.

i dont know either, i guess the hold on to aspect, i dont have much room on the team, so it does make sense. i like the other players, minues fitz sucking. but thats why we go to the ballers to clear up a mucky mind

worth it to you to drop any of those guys for a defense? my d is on bye, ill not play a defense if it means keeping the better team longterm.

Depends on your needs. I mean i’m dropping Henry this week for a defense because i’d rather take a shot at the W and lose a player who might be decent but has sucked for 4 weeks than not.

Drop OJ. I wouldn’t drop any of the others. John Brown nor Ekler should even be considered as a drop.