Waivers - I NEED HELP

My Team is :

Deshaun Watson
Todd Gurley
Aaron Jones
DeAndre Hopkins
AJ Green
Jimmy Graham
Christian Mcaffery
Rams DST/Lions DST
Harrison Butker - chiefs


Deon Lewis
Darren McFadden - Drop if he doesn’t start
Alfred Morris - Drop if he doesn’t start
Kelvin Benjamin
Jason Witten - Have a waiver on J.Ajayi
Lions DST/Rams DST

On the waiver right now, there’s Mike Gillisle, Demaryius Thomas and Sammy Watkins that I’m Eye balling. Should I pickup Gillisle? Demaryius Thomas might do better with Brock Oswiler at QB and Sammy Watkins has the potential to be a WR1 but he’s being a bust right now. Basically my problem is, should I trade Kelvin Benjamin for another player (most likely a WR) , Drop KB and pickup Demaryius Thomas off of waivers, or keep KB. My other problem is, Mike Gillisle had a very good start, Dion Lewis has gotten a bulk of all the carries and it’s only increased but he doesn’t score, should I drop one for the other, try to get both, or just keep Dion Lewis. Finally, with Sammy Watkins I’m more of just keeping my eye on him against the giants this week without Jenoris Jenkins. Should I make a move for Watkins? If any of those 3 questions can get answered thank you!

This is a standard league by the way

Demaryius Thomas is the most worth it out of those three. The New England backfield is hard to predict and Sammy Watkins hasn’t been involved in the offense consistently enough to be worth a roster spot.