Waivers Loophole: What Do Other Teams Do?

There seems to be a “loophole” in the waivers system and I’m curious if anyone else has discovered. For background, my league plays on ESPN, FAAB system and 1 day waiver period. If a player is dropped from a team obviously there is a 24 hour period for teams to bid on that player. So here’s what I did last year as we got close to the playoff period: knowing this, I would look at my opponents lineup, grab top adds that they would need, drop other pieces of my team that weren’t crucial, leaving them scraps at a position, hold them until Saturday night or Sunday morning, drop them and then go back and pick up my players and because of the 24 hour waiver period they would be blocked from picking up those players until the games had been completed.

Obviously this only works in certain circumstances and toward the end of the year (playoff push) with lineups are more secure, but it would drive my opponents crazy! Honestly, that strategic move probably one me a playoff game or two because they didn’t have the right defense, steaming QB, etc.

What do you think about it? Is it just fair strategy and playing within the rules or a foul loophole that needs to be cleaned up on gamedays? I’m curious if anyone else has run across this in their league.

I don’t see this as being a loophole. Completely fair and typical actions.

Could have backfired on you at any time.

That works better in theory than reality. In most circumstances, one can’t be sure what the immediate real needs of the other team are (i.e. what player(s) on waivers would actually be picked up and played against you). Also, the players on your bench that you are dropping to pick up the other player’s possible pick(s) must be pretty useless to be given up with the expectation that they will be available to picked up again by you.

Besides, in general, using precious bench space for players that others, rather than you, need works against you in the long run. IMO, the only time this can reliably work is if you manage to pick up a handcuff for an opponent’s player that may be injured.

This is a known area for concern and the only way around it really is to limit the amount of waiver claims a team can make. Even if you add a player and drop them right away, they’ll go to waivers and won’t be available. It’s kind of an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t do that and it’s frowned upon. I was in a league that kicked a guy out for doing that. He would go through the entire FA pool and add/drop dang near every player so they would go to waivers and people wouldn’t be able to add anyone for the games that day. However, I believe if you roster someone that your opponent could use to beat you, that’s a solid strategy and is encouraged.

I wouldn’t call it a loophole, more like roster churn and shitty fantasy etiquette. This is why in my home league we do away with the the 24 hour waiver period on Sunday mornings until kickoff of the first game so we don’t have to deal with crap like this. You would also be kicked out of our league for doing this. Strategically adding a player to block your opponent is one thing, roster churn is something else.

All great points. Wells hits on to more of how it was used last year…play the waivers as normal, see what he got and what he didn’t get (there’s 11 other teams he was competing with on waivers) and then Saturday night / Sunday AM pickup and drop so the 24 hours kicks in.

FantasyFootballDad, how did you set up those settings because that’s a better solution I think. The league doesn’t want to go no waivers because they have lives outside fantasy football and prefer to do most claims on that single waiver day but you’re right, the Sunday pickup and drop is crappy…although admittedly I did it…because it worked. Turning off waiver periods on Sunday would be great.

Sometimes it’s not even on purpose: someone would drop a FLEX, DST or TE2 or whatever because of a gametime injury or last minute move, but it locks that player out from someone else grabbing on gameday.