Waivers question?

I have pretty good depth at WR:
DJ Moore, Robert Woods, Keenan Allen, AJ Green, Jamison Crowder, Michael Gallup, Odell Beckham Jr.

I was thinking of dropping Crowder to pick up N’Keal Harry, really just for the upside he has. What are your thoughts on this? Or maybe drop Gallup, since he hasn’t really produced so far, and to keep Crowder’s safe floor?

Thank you !

If you’re dropping anyone, I would drop Crowder. Give Gallup one more week on your bench since you have a lot of other options.


I’d say hold on to gallop. The likelihood of someone picking up gallop vs crowder once you drop them is pretty lopsided. You could probably pick up crowder if needed in the future. Gallop would be gone. Not to mention it sounds like both players are on the bench, wouldn’t you want to keep the bigger breakout candidate vs a mediocre floor guy?

Makes sense. I’ll end up doing that. Thanks :+1:t2:

Yep thats so true. I guess I was just overthinking keeping the “safe floor” guy but with the depth I have I shouldn’t be worrying about that . Thanks :+1:t2: