Waivers- Startup Dynasty Superflex

We just finished our 2 round rookie draft and waivers open next week. What percentage of FAAB would you use on the following players:

Laviska Shanault
Justin Herbert (surprised he was there considering it’s superflex)
Zack Moss
Brandon Aiyuk
Chase Claypool

This is a ten team PPR league so none will be starters for me this year just trying to get guys for the future. QB is a strong suit for me with Lamar, Kyler and Derek Carr on my roster.

35-50% on Herbert
15-25% on Moss
10-20% on Shanault, Aiyuk and Claypool

Adjust according to your leagues bidding history.

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Gotcha. Unfortunately it is a brand new league so I have no sense for how the bidding will go