Waivers woes. Search for WR

Multiple leagues every guy i put a waiver in on got claimed before me so now i have to decide on whos left over. My one league has to get a WR, the leftover waivers are pretty similar
guys with some interest
WR (needs to start this week) Full ppr
D. Parker
J. Gordon
J. Crowder
Z. Pascal

Who would you take this week/ros

My team
L.Jackson,J. Allen

Parker with fitz as QB. Been the most consistent.

It seems like people are loving the Z. Pascal with TY out those two are playing each other too. I just looked up Parkers stats and he has been pretty consistently solid but it just feels wrong saying start someone on miami…

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For just this week I would say
Gordon (because we’re not sure how much he’ll play)
Ros I would go
Full ppr does make Crowder more appealing but being on the jets is just ugly

Pascal is risky since he had the two tds then one catch and then a td. I’m starting pascal cause I have to with bye weeks. I would pick up parker I’d he was available and the other wr tore his acl so should have another 6 targets that get spread out just not sure if that means more for parker or to the next wr/te

With Thielen out i needed a WR as well. Had my choice of Pascal, Crowder, and Parker.

I’m going Crowder based on his chances of being peppered with targets. He’s Sam Darnold’s safety valve - and Darnold is the kind of QB who needs to dink and dunk a lot.

I think he is the safest bet since he doesn’t need a TD to give you points in half ppr/PPR.

Man i really wasnt expecting everyone to take a different guy on the list…
Parker - with Fitz (consistent and volume but a bad team against a moderate passing D)

Crowder - Playing NYG who arent great against the pass has plenty of targets but the jets have been awful

Pascal - probably the highest ceiling and lowest floor with TY out and Brissett questionable

I think im starting to lean Parker here

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Yeah Pascal definitely has the highest upside, given Vegas implied team score of 27 (compared to 17 for Miami :nauseated_face: and 20.5 for jets :woozy_face:)

Now I’m thinking of going Pascal…:grimacing:

In the last half hour ive told myself im going with 3 different guys. every thing i look up makes me feel like one of the others is the guy. Maybe were all over thinking it and actually all 3 of these guys are just going to have good games?

Lol yeah as far as spot-starts go, I think all 3 are very viable options.

My decision is easier than yours though - I’m starting Colts D/ST against Miami, so Parker is out of the question for me.

When Haskins was named the starter last week, I spot-started Crowder in lieu of McLaurin, and it worked out well for me…so I might have recency bias on my Crowder take. Honestly though, i’ve been pretty bullish on Crowder for the previous 2 seasons with the Skins. He’s a poor man’s Tyler Lockett in my mind. I drafted him with my last pick, and i only dropped him after Darnold got mono.

Upside Pascal
Floor Crowder

Any worry for Crowder with Herndon possibly making the start and having the connection with Darnold?

Not really. Honestly I’m not sure why the guys are so high on him.

2018 stats: 16 games. 56 targets. 39 receptions. 502 yards and 4 touchdowns. 2 fumbles.

The yards/reception is the only impressive stat.

@Gramercy_Riffs any thoughts on it

Hope you listened to me and went Crowder last week :grin:

I did not :frowning: really should have when brissett was ruled out too

Yeah the guys were saying that there wasn’t much drop-off between Brissett and Hoyer… as far as i can tell that was based on 1 game. I almost bought that nonsense too…

I mean it was more that they were playing Miami too so i figured hed still have a decent game regardless after coming in and throwing 3 tds the game before. Thats fantasy for us lol

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