Waller and Tate for Robinson and Breida

I give Waller and G.Tate
I get A.Robinson and Breida

Half PPR

My Team:
RB: Carson, Kerryon, Montgomery, Singletary, Peterson
WR: Hopkins, Fuller, Tate, Shepherd, Kirk
TE: Ertz, Waller

Do I take this trade? What’s Tate’s outlook ROS vs shepherd?

As in Demarcus Robinson? If so I would want a better WR than him.

As in Allen Robinson

Ah much better guy to get! In that case I would take it. Breida is solid, just hard to predict his output. I like Robinson over Tate. You don’t really need Waller.

What do you think the outlook is on Tate? The owner is more interested in Waller than Tate and so I could just do Robinson for Waller instead