Waller/Eli Mitchell for CMC?

I’m thinking about trying to make a move for CMC to continue building myself a juggernaut team. Would Eli Mitchell and Waller be a good offer? I have Goedert so I would be covered at TE.

Current roster:
QB: Lamar
RB: Cook, Najee, Mitchell
WR: Kupp, Mike Williams, AB, Juedy, Bateman, Agnew
TE: Waller, Goedert

What is there roster for the team with CMC? Do they need a TE? What is their record?

The team with CMC is 3-4. He has Patterson, Carter, and Gibson as his other RBs and is streaming TE. Currently has Uzomah. He’s pretty deep at WR so he has his flex spots covered with that position. This may have been more likely of an accepted offer before Carter came back down to earth last night and he felt that he had some depth with him, but I’m thinking it might still be a shot since he’s struggling at TE.