Waller for 1.07

Dynasty SF.
I’m a contending team, but the weak spots have been inconsistent QB play (except for Josh Allen) and TE. My best options at TE are Andrews and Gesicki.

I would trade the 1.07 for Waller.
I also happen to have Derek Carr so that gets me the TE stack.

What do y’all think?

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Firstly, I think your two TEs are fine, but you do not or you wouldn’t be posting this!

Given your feelings on your squad, I think I would do that. There is hope for Pitts to hit and you might land him at 1.07. Or you might not. Or he might not work out. While I’m unsure on Waller long term, if you are a contender this year he ought to be a more dependable asset. However…

Being weak at QB is the only hesitation I’d have. There are quite a few QBs in this class that could help. Depending on when your next pick happens, you could still land one. However at 1.07 you would likely be able to secure one of the top 4. Or not. There’s the rub. It all comes down to your league and if teams ahead of you need to grab QB depth. For me, in SF it’s vital to lock down the QB since they could help helm your squad for years. Since you’re contending now you need it to happen quickly. I understand that choice.

With the potential there for both a TE or QB at the 1.07 it’s tempting to hold, but getting a known producer at a tough to get spot is a nice feeling. I’m never sold on a TE being a ‘lock’ outside of Kelce, but Waller looks like he has a good shot at helping more than hurting. It’s probably the safer pick to help your team.

Thanks for the thoughts, bud!
A trade just occurred in the league and now I almost HAVE to keep the 1.07.
The draft, as it stands now, will go:
1.01 QB
1.02 RB
1.03 QB
1.04 RB
1.05 QB
1.06 WR
(Me) 1.07 = the #4 QB, #3 RB or #2 WR.

I’ll roll with Andrews and Gesicki into the season. I also have Everett and Jarwin on my bench to see what happens with them.


I think that is smart. As well, don’t overlook Pitts as the TE1 there. FWIW I have him above almost all non-QB in the draft. I know TE is risky, but he looks like he’ll be a difference maker for some time in the league.

Glad you got it sorted though, and I suspect you can always revisit the trade in the draft if things don’t break your way.

Good luck this season!