Waller for cee Dee lamb

Full ppr trade Waller for cee Dee lamb. Have Pitts on the bench

You’ll have to drag the waiver wire to get a startable TE to replace Waller, but that’s an amazing offer! Absolutely YES!

I think I’d stick with Waller but it’s close. Think you could get anything for Pitts instead?

In full pt Waller in a full season is going to be at near 100 catches. I’m not sure Lamb does that this year. Lamb has a shot at more touchdowns though I think. It’s preference or coin flip, but it will be tough to replace the volume Waller is going to get at TE.

CeeDee all day. Pitts isn’t your average rookie TE and will be serviceable from the beginning, and CeeDee will be a top 10 receiver this year.

If Pitts has a great game you will get more and maybe keep Waller.

Will shop Pitts