Waller for Conner?

I am in need of RB help. I have Engram at TE. I don’t know if it ever makes sense to start Waller over Engram, or if it would ever be sensible to start Engram and flex Waller.

There’s a particularly vulnerable owner in this league, and I think he’d accept a Waller-Conner swap. If he would take that deal, should I send it? If he wants more, what more do I offer for Conner? The run D schedule seems to lighten up for him after the next couple of weeks, which makes me think he’s a nice buy-low. Any thoughts appreciated.

(PPR) Squad looks like this:
Saquon (rip)
Carson (self-imposed rip)

John Brown
Christian Kirk
Manny Sanders
AJ Green
Chris Thompson

No harm in trying that trade if you think he might take it. If he says no then just sweeten the pot with one of the many WRs you have on your bench.

Then use your empty bench spot to pick up Gallman off waivers if possible.

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