Waller for Cooks?

With the Hunter Henry news, wondering who I could get by offering the owner Darren Waller. No way I could go as high as Mike Evans or Keenan Allen, but could Brandin Cooks work?

I also have Delanie Walker…and can hope you doesn’t break again.

Henry owner also has Reed…

Standard scoring

Ask for the most possible and settle somewhere in the middle. So long as you have a good relationship with the other owner, ask for whoever you want and then negotiate.

How would you rank the offer then? Start with Evans and hope for Cooks?

Start with Evans, hope for Cooks, settle for someone like Lindsay

Has Waller’s value really climbed that high? He has opportunity but with 1 game under his belt to me he’s not close to a Evans or Cooks.

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I agree there is .0001% chance these trades go through; but, the op posed the question so I assume he feels it might work in his league

It isn’t just straight value for value, it is serving need. Waller does not equal Evans/Cooks 1:1 BUT when the team has no TE and there is slim pickings on the wire and he is ok at WR, then seems there is a possible “need” trade.