Waller+Harris for Chase+Patterson Trade

Need help.

Just got offered

Chase and Patterson
Waller and Harris.

My team is
Josh Allen
Keenan Allen
Hunter Henry

not sure what side you are but I would lean Waller and Harris

If that is Jamar Chase and not Chase edmonds i would go Chase and Patterson all day. Both are upgrades over the players. Obviously the positional value with Waller is definitely worth some additional consideration but you have Hunter Henry.

Damien Harris or Najee Harris? makes a fair bit of difference on how I view this… Also like Zackmokilla said Chase edmonds or Jamar Chase.

when I made my comment I assumed Najee and Jamar, but yes makes a huge difference lol

Should have clarified

Jamar Chase and Corderall Patterson for Najee Harris and Waller

and what side are you getting

I’d be getting Chase and Patterson

Thats a tough one. I think I prefer your team as is. Najee and Kamara can win you weeks with that combo. And I think between Keenan (I believe he will have some positive regression coming his way) and your other WRs (Sanders, Toney, Jeudy, assuming that is Mike Thomas) you will be able to roll out a suitable WR2 every week.

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