Waller, Hockenson, or Howard?

Who would you rather have?

Waller for me

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I want to say Hock because I picked him up but I think I’d have to go with Waller.

Waller is the #2 possibly #1 receiving option for Carr who loves his TEs.
Hock i probably the #3, with a chance of becoming #2. Stafford also loves his TEs
Howard is likely the #3 and probably staying there, plus idk Jamis if looks for the TE as much but he does love throwing INTs


TY! Very true. Waller looked good for sure

Waller has the highest floor and hockenson has the highest ceiling. Im going Waller this week cause the chargers defense looked pretty good on Doyle and ebron

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Solid point

How about Howard or Mark Andrews? Where is Andrews in this equation?

I definitely take Waller over Howard, but I want a little more of a sample size from TJ AWESOME-son because AZ is bad!

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Season long or this week?

Season long; this week I love Waller and Andrew tops for sure.

Andrews I’m not a believer in. You are basing this on a game where it was probably one of the largest blow outs of the year. He’s third on the depth chart. Until he gets this kinda work in a normal game I’m still taking howard over Andrews. So Andrews is the lowest for me.

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Yeah I lean Waller slightly

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Cool, wanted insight to see where all these guys compared in your opinions! Have a good evening gents! :slight_smile: