Waller, Hockenson or Mark Andrews rest of season

All three are on waivers in one league, who do you guys like?

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Mark Andrews for me


Trying to decide the same thing. Leaning Hockenson, but Andrews is also very tempting. Would love to hear more opinions!

Andrews is competing with 2 other TE’s. Hockenson is going to be a fixture in the downfield game for Detroit…As much as Rookie TE’s haven’t panned out, I think he’s going to be the exception to the standard. I’d go Hockenson. I fear Waller is going to start strong and then lose some targets to Hunter Renfrow after a couple weeks. but Waller would be my 2nd choice…and Andrews 3rd. Just my opinion though…


I already have Andrews. I’m also going after Waller since I know the guy with the #1 waiver is going for Hockenson. I figured Waller could provide additional consistency for me and good TEs are hard to find

Just be weary of the week 1 waiver wire darlings and I feel Andrews is that guy and I really like him as well but hockenson doesnt have to fight for snaps like Andrews with 2 other te’s

tsk tsk… Andrews can consistently be Action Jackson’s #1 target… do you really think Amendola and Hockenson will be the go-to targets with Golloday and Marvin Jones nearby?

@KING_OLAF like I said before Andrew’s is fighting for snaps with 2 other te’s. Hock is not. Could Andrew’s be his #1 look yes but it just seems way more hit or miss to me than with hock.

Yeah that a good point about snaps. Hock will definitely be out there. And the only reason I wasn’t on him in the draft is because rookie tight ends don’t usually pan out but my eyes tell me he’s different.

Hockenson was a top 10 Draft pick…He’s getting some targets.

So… Stafford threw 45 passes. Lamar Jackson threw 20. I know their game scripts were totally different, but I think it’s reasonable to expect low passing attempt totals from the BAL offense with their history considered. I’d go for the volume. Also… the team with the worst defense would likely be throwing more, and TJ is a guy that could stay on the field in all passing dominant circumstances.

Ok y’all……not trying to change the topic…but… and I apologize @chris_grous, not in any way trying to “hijack” your post here… I’ve got OJ and Andrews. Definitely thinking about holding onto Andrews…but just curious as to the thoughts here about dropping OJ and trying to grab up Hockenson. Crazy as it might sound…

For years I’ve been convinced that TE performance is more about the QB and the OC than it is about the TE. It’s possible that the new HC in TB just won’t utilize OJ enough to have the value we all expected. I couldn’t personally drop OJ for TJ, but I could probably talk myself into dropping Andrews for TJ because I believe DET will be forced to throw a lot more this year than BAL.


Yeah @WeezerMike…that’s why I mentioned it being a crazy thought. Almost thought about posting an OP about this…BUT…is it just me, or does this year seem to be more confusing than ever before??? Been doing FFB for years…but…for some reason this year seems to be throwing me for a loop on a lot of stuff!!! Geez-Louise!!!

Hock, and if all three are on waivers u need to find a new league unless it’s an 8 team league. Hock is available in one of my leagues, otherwise all three were drafted in all my leagues.

I think Waller will be the most consistent week to week. We haven’t seen what happens with Ravens yet when they aren’t playing the JV squad and Hockenson should be good but I can see it being up and down. OT w/ Stafford throwing for 385 against a bad Cards def with two starting CB out.

Waller for me ROS

My thoughts are Waller has way less competition and the offense has proven it’s TE friendly so he’s the safest bet. Hockenson is that new hotness or Dare I say Hockerness. He looks like he could be a beast but he’s going to be volatile. Andrews has that relationship and will be a go-to for Jackson, but problem is Jackson won’t have nowhere near the passing attempts Care and Stafford will average. I say Waller, Hockenson, Andrews. Splitting hairs between Waller and Hockenson though.

Well I ended up making a play for Waller and hockenson and cut Vance. Hopefully that wasn’t a week one tilt decision

I think we should all water-bet on our guy! I’ve got Andrews!