Waller or Hollister ROS?

I’ve been riding with Waller the whole year but Hollister has been looking really good as of late and the Seahawks are getting him 6 and 10 targets over his last 2 games.

Waller IMO


Waller for me

ya i’ve been winning despite Waller’s bad games these past couple weeks. Here are the playoffs schedules.

Waller - Titans, Jags, and Chargers
Hollister - Rams, Panthers, Cardinals

Only reason I’m thinking about the change is cuz im in a good position to get a first round bye and if I were to make it to the Finals Arizona doesn’t defend against TEs at all lol

Hollister was a FA and I had an open bench spot so i picked him up just to give myself the option of deciding lol

I think Hollister and if you’re not past your deadline try and trade Waller. I’m thinking of dropping DJ for Hollister, I’ve got Engram and Cook so would need to trade one but there’s a lot of TE needy teams out there.

ya unfortunately the deadline has passed so ill probably roster both for matchups

Waller has the better schedule. I’d keep him.