Waller or Hollister this week?

Both have bad matchups but Wilson seems to have an eye for his TE

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I have Waller projected to be the TE5 this week, and Hollister the TE8. Waller is slightly higher in my ROS ranking as well - TE3 vs. TE5. Week 16, though, Hollister is projected to be the TE1 (Arizona baby!), so if you’re likely to still be in it, I would definitely hang on to Hollister until the end.

My full TE model is below, and you can check out all my projection models (QB, TE, DST) in my Week 12 streaming post here. Comments and feedback welcome. Good luck!

Awesome thank you for the info! Ya I’m in 2nd place right now so hopefully I make it to the finals…It’s primarily the reason why I’m stashing Hollister.