Waller or Lamar?

Short Version: Keeper League/Full Pt. PPR… keep Waller or Lamar?

More Info:

  • We can keep 5 players - kept players cost the round you drafted them in originally or ADP for FAs

  • Waller is a 3rd for me and Lamar would be a 10th

I play on keeping:
-JT for a 2nd
-Henry for a 4th
-Evans for an 8th
-Michael Thomas for a 9th.

In the league…
Kelce/Kittle will be kept I’m sure
Mahomes, Allen, Murray will likely be kept

I’m also considering letting Evans go and keeping Lamar and Waller… any thoughts on that?

I feel like getting Lamar for a 10th would be considered a huge value. I’d say let Evans go and keep Lamar and Waller.