Waller Trade

So i know it may be too early to start trading but seeing what you guys think. 12 team 1/2ppr.

trade away:
Waller and Pittman

I recieve:
Hockenson and Lockett

My team:

Melvin Gordon
D. Williams

Diontae Johnson
Cory Davis
R. Gage
H. Ruggs
Michael Thomas (currently in IR spot)


I think your team looks good. You play with 1 or 2 Flex? Wouldn’t agree to this trade if I’m you. The difference between Waller and Hockensen may be bigger than between Pittman and Lockett imho.

If you invested this early in a TE then keep him. Btw, did the same with Waller :grin:

Oh, I would do that in a heartbeat if I’m getting Hock and Waller.

People are weirdly low on Lockett and I’ll never really understand it. He is definitely inconsistent at times, but his weekly upside is as high as anyone in the league - including Tyreek and Davante. He’ll tick you off at times, but he will also win you multiple weeks by dropping 3 TDs on someone’s head. He is immediately the WR2 on your team if you were to acquire him.

Waller is better than Hockenson, but I don’t think by nearly as much as the gap between Pittman and Lockett. He’s going to be the top target in Detroit and - aside from injury - I have a hard time imagining him outside of the top-5 at TE based on volume alone. Plus - as a Lions fan who was furious when we drafted him in the Top-10 - I can confirm that the dude is just good.

Yep, you win that one. Do it!

FUN FACT: Over the last 8 weeks of 2020 (Weeks 10-17), DK Metcalf scored 83.5 half-PPR fantasy points; Tyler Lockett scored 85.4.