Waller's trade value

12team, full ppr

What could I expect in return for Darren Waller?

I’m in no rush to move him, but would like to return a wr2 for him at least. as I am still waiting on AJ Green to return from injury.

In my league there are 3 teams that could really stand to benefit from having a guy like Waller that can give them solid weekly production.

some of their wrs include E Sanders, Godwin, TY, Sammy Watkins, Kirk, Ridley

Should I be going in for one of those players or let Waller build his value more?

Out of those wrs, I’d tried to get Kirk or Watkins. Who are your other tes?

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Hockenson, Kelce

Why do u have three TEs first of all when u have Kelce smh

the wr and rbs on waivers are dry asf, I felt I’d be able to flip the te for better options than I had on waivers

Ur probably not going to much from Waller or Hockenson

Having 3 Tes though is just wasted space especially if u already have Kelce

Hell unless u feel good enough just rolling waller out as your starter than u could flip Kelce for something valuable potentially

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I was trying to monopolize the market lol

the 3 teams that are in desperate need for a solid te are currently running OJ howard, Rudolph, and Jimmy Graham at the position lmao

Yea I get the logic but you won’t get WR/RB 1 or 2 for a TE just due to the fact that those positions are more valuable
They’ll most likely just end up streaming the position

i’m not trying to get a wr or rb 1 for just Waller, unless he were to build up to that top tier of TE’s… which is not something I see happening. I do however feel that Wallers volume and target share can keep in the top 6 or 7 range of TE’s and that’s a substantial upgrade over the three guys I named in the previous response. I’m simply just trying to poach a wr off of one of them in return for an upgrade at their worst position.

Im trying to flip Waller, Hockenson and then grab Herndon during his week 4 bye lol

depending on your team I completely agree with Atj93. If your hurting at Wr or rb flip Kelce you can get a lot of value for him and still be solid at TE.