Wallerus Trade

I have Waller and Hunter Henry, I have been offered Allen Robinson for Waller (he won’t do Henry for Robinson). What do you think?

It is a 3 WR PPR league, currently my WR setup looks like this.

  1. Chris Godwin
  2. Adam Thielen
  3. Brandin Cooks / Terry McLaurin

Robinson is pretty good but I’d rather have Waller. If he needs a TE make him overpay for them

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Waller is the primary pass catcher in that offense. And it doesn’t seem like it but the Raiders offense has been pretty efficient this year. Nothing flashy but they are producing which could make Waller a top TE by the end.

You could probably get more for Waller. Top TE’s are going for a premium.

I’d say keep Waller and try to find a taker for Henry, with Henry’s injury history don’t know how many games you’ll get out of him.

PPR League Trade:




I also have Jacobs and D.Freeman as rbs on my team.

I wouldnt do it then. I like your receivers. tell him waller or no deal.