Walton or Drake?

Likely have to use one of them. Drake would seem like the right call but looking at it more, I would roll with Walton.

He didn’t even know he was starting over Drake last week until before the game. Now the Drake trade chatter. Why would they run Drake hard and risk it screwing up a potential trade if that’s true. No way to know for sure but with them getting almost equal work and Walton doing ok, I think Walton is the way to go.

Both horrible options but this is the hole I’m in.

I would start Drake in your linuep this week.


Rush attempts:


Redzone touches:

Walton was the starting RB last week on the lineup. If they are serious about trading Drake hard to believe they would take the chance of injury. Watching this situation. It could change swiftly if a trade goes down.

Getting the starting nod means little to fantasy points. Attempts and target share win weeks.

Often a team will give a player more opportunity when trying to shop them. It’s like an advertisement.

Neal Driscoll on Twitter is reporting that the Titans have reached out to the Miami Dolphins about the possibility of trading for Kenyan Drake.

The way they won’t let Drake score could be contract related. No GL work and the 2 pt conversion play was a joke. No way he was going to convert that even if he did catch it. And they could have tied the game with a kick. Insane.

I firmly believe he’s outta there sooner than later. There is no value in keeping him. They probably have several offers. Maybe wait one more week for a couple more if any new RB injuries develop then take the highest bidder. Walton is also the better pass catcher which is what they need this week to make it look mildly competitive.