Wanna drop someone for Shenault but don't know who

I wanna start Shenault tonight. But I don’t know who to drop! Need help. Full PPR. Here is my team

Darrell Henderson unless you plan to start him this week or your opponent needs an RB

to start tonight>?

I would play Gallup instead of picking up Shenault. I also would play Henderson over Boyd, he might have the backfield to himself. No IR spot for McCaffrey?

I was gonna put Gallup in my WR2 spot and then put Shenault in my FLEX. You think Henderson deserves a start over Boyd, Shenault and Goedert?

Yeah, I’m an idiot and didn’t set up the IR spots before the season started. I don’t wanna be THAT commish that changes stuff up to benefit myself

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Didn’t see the full PPR, probably start Boyd in the flex. But definitely Gallup.

I mean I guess if Shenault ain’t worth picking up and starting, I should go ahead and drop Henderson and pick up Trubisky to start him over Watson?

Is Trubisky your only option? Probably okay, but I never trust that Chicago QB. Shenault could definitely be a smash play but just a lot of risk. Too bad he plays tonight.

I went crazy dude!!! I just dropped Henderson for Shenault and I’m stickin him in my WR2 spot :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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No guts no glory! hahaha… but yea these are the only QBs available

When people ask me why did I do such a crazy thing?? This is what I say


I’d pickup and play Goff over Trubisky. i’d never play a bears QB no matter how well he’s done so far lol. At least 5 consecutive good games before i’d allow it

Edit* and honestly with how banged up SF is i wouldn’t be suprised if Danny Dimes does pretty well this weekend also

This is a bummer. Henderson looked pretty explosive last week and would’ve had a receiving TD had goff not goofed. Still has to takeover majority of touches but as a rams fan my money is on him.

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So, how’d this move go? :sweat_smile:

Don’t ask… hahahaha. And he had Fitz