Want Evans!

I think Mike Evans would be a great pickup, and was thinking about trading Michel and Claypool for him. But, I also have Henderson, and have been keeping Michel as his handcuff for playoffs? Think its worth it?

I already have two top 15 WRs, so I’m thinking he may not be worth giving up the handcuff, but I can use him to make a big trade later since after the bye he should have at least 3 really nice games.

You are going to need more than Michel and Claypool to get Evans, depending on Evans’ owner roster.

Think of it this way, would you trade Evans for Michel/Claypool? I know I would smash the ‘reject’ button.

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Makes sense – and I completely agree … it was always going to be longshot, but with them being 0-8, I want Mike to have a better home lol

If they’re 0-8 they must have a serious weakness? I’m thinking RB and maybe QB or TE too, injury result of bad trading?

If you want Evans you would need more as he will help them win… but if you can offer Claypool and something in a position they are weak that might do it?

They likely need better starters elsewhere so if they’re giving up a high end player they’ll need to replace those points, so build your offer that way.

This week they’ll have to win, and Evans can’t help as he’s off so go hard. 0-9 teams don’t trade :slight_smile:

Hope that helps a bit.

Yep, thanks

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