Want in on Chubb

Is Keenan Allen for Chubb too much?

If it’s any kind of PPR format then i’d say yes. Also depends on your RB and WR cores

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I have Thielan, Baldwin, Allison, & Smith. I need an extra running back, and his WR’s are weak, but I don’t know if it’s worth sacrificing the potential of Allen for Chubb, as it will leave me pretty raw at WR too

That’s tough if you weren’t left relying on Baldwin, Allison and Smith for your WR2 i’d feel better about it especially after another down week for Baldwin I don’t think he can be leaned on each week and Allison and Smith have high ceilings sure but they’re not Allen…

Who do you have at RB, and was this standard or PPR?

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I have D.Johnson, T.Coleman, M.Breida, A.Jones & D.Johnson Jr. it’s tricky. I want to buy low on an RB to add to my team, but with the trade deadline coming up, just hard to get it done. I do have A.Luck sitting on my bench as my starter is Rivers

I offered Baldwin & A.Jones and got declined

Also, it’s 1/2PPR

That is tricky, as it’s half PPR i think Allen is more valuable to be honest and with the coaching change in CLE you just have that added variable that you can’t predict what will happen week to week.

I think that Jones and Baldwin is pretty fair, i know Baldwin had a bad week but with Ty’s fumble and Jamal Williams getting nothing - dare i say GB may have tuned the corner and will give Jones the work so he may be better than Chubb ROS anyway. Ty will have got himself a seat on the bench after last weeks antics so i think that’s a fair offer.

I think your starting roster (bar bye weeks) or DJ, Coleman/Jones at RB and Thielan and Allen at WR then flexing out of Breida, Jones/Coleman, Allison each week is a better spot to be in frankly especially in half PPR. I would personally trade Coleman for Chubb if you could get that done, no major issues using Baldwin as well maybe you can get a throw away WR3 back that would give your team balance at RB and lets you keep your best players in my view.
But if he wont go for that then i’d leave it, maybe target a Kerryon in a similar deal. But i’d actually be looking to keep Aaron Jones and move Coleman though

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Good call. Thanks heaps for you advice. I’ll report back with Coleman for Kerryon I think!

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