Want Kamara/ Help Structuring a Deal

12 Team Half PPR:

My Team:
QB: Winston, Wilson
RB: Saquon, Mixon, Kerryon, Clement, Powell
WR: Allen, Diggs, Landry, Baldwin
TE: Kittle, Olsen

His Team:
QB: Brady, Big Ben
RB: Kamara, Dion Lewis, Mostert, Bernard
WR: Julio, Watkins, Crab, Agholor, Crowder
TE: Gronk

Scenario: I’m in 3rd place currently while he is in 9th. Hes hurting bad on rb depth and outside of Julio is fairly weak at WR imo. Its getting to that point in the season where i want to shed some depth as bye weeks pass and load up my squad for the stretch. I’m all set up for bye weeks EXCEPT for week 9 where i have saquon and mixon on bye (adding Kamara would help here as well).

Is there a trade i could pull off without including saquon and mixon? i feel like my team can go all the way with saquon, mixon, kamara regardless of my WR. Going to need some elite firepower to compete with the guys above me (1st place team has gurley, white, evans, ertz/ 2nd place team has Melvin Gordon, Thielen, Tyreek, Juju). Thanks for any help!

side note: also wouldnt mind adding julio and trading for him during his bye week.

You lost me at playing him this week. Everyone is different but I wouldn’t trade with someone the week I play them unless it was a no-brainer type trade that would hugely benefit me.

But secondly, if I’m the other team, given that I’m in 9th place, there’s no way I’m giving up one of my top 2 players in Kamara without a Barkley or Mixon-quality talent in return, and even Mixon on his own might not get the job done. Especially with how weak his RBs are after Kamara.

Maybe he is different and anything is worth a try, but in my opinion I wouldn’t think you can get Kamara without giving up Barkley or Mixon.

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I dont think so either. thats why i made the post. i was curious to other opinions in case i was missing something. but i agree with you. going to be next to impossible to get it done without throwing in Saquon or Mixon unfortunately. Going after Julio may be the better option if im going to swing a deal with this team.

i 10000% agree with @tlp27 on this one.

While the matchup part doesn’t really factor to me (in my eyes a trade benefits both people so even if your playing the person, it shouldn’t matter all that much) the fact that Kamara is so clearly his most valuable asset, NO SHOT he’s going to give him up without getting someone almost as valuable.

You can make the argument to yourself all you want about how thin he is everywhere on his roster, and i would agree with you, but at the same time Kamara is the only piece even keeping him in this thing.

If he sells Kamara for a bunch of depth pieces, then he will definitely lose out.

thanks for the insight @jtess72 and i agree with you and @tlp27

Like i had mentioned to tlp, i couldn’t see a trade to benefit both without me shedding one of my 2 horses. looks like other feel the same. Think i got the advice i need. thanks for responding dude.