Want Mccafrey, what is too much?

Simply put, i’m starting to panic a little over my RB situation.

Current Roster; 12 team league Full PPR

QB; Newton, Tannehill (streaming for bye week)
RB’s: Drake,Lewis,Michele,Barber,Lindsey
WR’s: OBJ, Hopkins, Lockette, Cole, Gordon
TE: Reed, Cook (Reed’s injury concern warrant a backup)

This week for week 4 i am starting Drake and Michele…but pretty much all my RB’s are no better than flex plays right now.

My league is not very trade-friendly, usually only 2-4 trades total per year (at least 1-2 are mine every year).

My question is if i were to target an RB1, particularly Mccafrey but really anyone outside the Dj, Kamara, Gurley range should be in my ballpark, what is a fair price?

I’d love to do an obj or hopkins trade straight up, but i feel there production thus far won’t get me the RB1 i need, and i feel like taking on a player is just straight up overpaying.

I could be just overreacting, so tell me what you guys think.

You could try a 2 for 1 and package Gordon + one of your RBs to get a higher tier RB, try selling Gordon’s upside.

I agree. Lots of people are hyped on Gordon. Find out if the McCafrey owner is one. Personally, I always try to avoid risk like Gordon, but he’s worked for many other over the years.

I completely disagree. Looks like you went Zero RB and this is when your team starts to kick in. You have 2 RB2s on your roster (Michel and Lindsay). I am an avid Zero RB strat guy. Went it in most of my leagues this year or some modified version of it. I am 1-2 right now in both but I am like the 2nd or 3rd highest in points so I’m not worried. ANd my RBs are finally kicking in.

Burkhead just went down so now you have the leading ball carrier and sole goal line back for the patriots. Lindsay is a matchup proof weekly RB2/flex play.

Personally, I would start Lindsay this week. And Drake is the most talented back on that team by a long shot and is actually a prettty decent play this week as well.

I wouldn’t really hit panic button yet. Watch how the next 2 weeks play out. You don’t really need to give up an arm and a leg for those top guys. That’s not how Zero RB strat works. You rely on your stud WRs and just get a stable of RB2s with RB1 upside (guys like Michel). What I would do if I were you is target some other high upside guys. I would go out and acquire Aaron Jones. He’s not going to cost you much but might just win you the league.

EDIT: Just some food for thought, it’s too early to give up on a strategy. Let it play out 1-2 more weeks and I’m willing to bet you’ll feel a lot better with where you are at. If you still really want to trade for a top RB by then, you’ll have more value to trade with.

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Thanks for the reply’s guys, you’re certainly making me feel much better.

Burkhead going down this week was a blessing in disguise as it really opened the door for Michele to take off, we just haven’t seen it yet which is why i’m hesitant.

and TBH mike, i had phillip/michele as my starters to start the week, but i worry that his ejection last week might affect his carries for this week. Going forward i’m positive it will be fine, just this week in particular i could see a cut in snaps

funny, i also am 1-2 so far haha! Guy i’m playing this week played vikings D last night ( as well as thielen :unamused:) so only ended up with 18 points, which is an excellent start to this week

That’s a risk you’ll have to take but you’ll be playing him in the flex anyway. Your starting line up is sometihng to the tune of

RBs: Drake, Michel
WR: OBJ, Hopkins
Flex: Lindsay.

That is a solid solid line up. KC has been absolutely awful on D and you know they are going to light up the score board against denver. It’s going to be a gamescript that heavily favors Lindsay due to passing game.

All of this is just my reasoning for playing him (i actually traded him away in one league and was super sad but long term i think it was the right play but if I hadn’t traded him away, he was my flex play). I’ve been wrong plenty on here before so take that with a grain of salt but I honestly believe Lindsay is the right play and will finish out the season as an RB2 if healthy.

Currently i have lockette in my flex against AZ, you don’t think that as the ~technicly~ WR1 that it’s a better play than lindsey?

He’s not a WR1. You’re praying for another long TD from him to be relevant. Also Baldwin might be back this week and even if he isn’t, lockett gets a heavy dose of patty p. He’s not good enough to beat him consistently. Also that game is pretty low scoring. I’ll take the 55 points O/U game RB who’s bound to see at least 15 touches over the guy who will probably see 6 targets. Either way, I think Lindsay offers a higher floor and a higher ceiling.

End of the day though it’s your team, go with your gut.

i simply meant WR1 for the seahawks, not for fantasy :smiley: but you are right in that regard, i had chalked up AZ to being terrible and forgot about peterson. very valid point. will have to think about that one.

Baldwin is playing this weekend. I would pivot.

pivot to lindsey? already made the change haha :smiley: thanks guys

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