Want to go out and get Ajayi quick!

Ajayi owner has Diggs and Mack, Id like both as well.

I have Hunt, McCoy, Martin, Miller, Mckinnon, keenan, DT, Parker, doctson, ertz

What do you all think?

I sent the owner Keenan and Martin for Ajayi, Diggs and Mack… Which sounds like a win for me but it also sounds like he wont accept… I just wanted to get something out there quick

I don’t know if this changes anything, but just an fyi Ajayi got traded to the Eagles this morning

Thanks, this is why I want him. Do you think this makes his value skyrocket? from worst to best team with a great line…
Trying to steal him. Keeping all options open tho.

McCoy for those three would be too much? right?

I don’t think this does much for his value. It’s easy to overreact in these situations. 1) Their O-line lost several starters recently. 2) Miami’s O-line wasn’t as bad as people think. 3) Ajayi plain didn’t look good when he ran in my opinion. Do I think Ajayi will be better than he was weeks 1-8? Probably, but he was basically an RB3. He might even split some time with Blount. I think you’re overreacting a bit. And yes, McCoy is too much for those 3.

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