Want to join dynasty league!

I’m a New Hampshire dude, Patriots homer, looking to join any sort of dynasty team, local or a online only league, including taking over an orphaned team, I’ve been playing fantasy for like 12ish years and I am a very committed manager, but this would be my first dynasty experience.

Hey DangDiggy, I just posted a few orphans in a Sleer Dynasty league I commish. Have a look and let me know if you’re interested in any of the teams.

I have a a couple of different startups going if you want a team, Dandanrolando is my sleeper id if you want more info

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, are they still available, is there a way i could look at the teams? My sleeper name is also DangDiggy75.

Sorry haven’t been on in a while, still have some spots open? My sleeper is DangDiggy75 if it’s easier there.

I have an orphaned roster you can take if still interested! Let me know and I’ll send an invite

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Hey. I’m starting a footclan dynasty league that is completely free. Just for the love of fantasy football and dynasty leagues. It’s in sleeper. Reach out to me there @rstern33

Yes I would potentially be interested! Anyway I could veiw the team?

Yes I have a guy that’s checking it out now if it doesn’t work out I’ll shoot you an invite