Want to offer M. Sanders and AJ Gren for Edwards-Helaire

That’s fair, right?
My team:

Their team:

1/2pt ppr, 3 keeper, 6PT QB TD, 10-team league

To be honest no. If I was Edwards Helaire owner I’d like to get more than that as I feel AJ Green is a big risk and his roster if he’s swapping put CEH needs a big time rb (Sanders is fine here) and a sure thing he can at least flex. Green might be that but he’s just so risky that his value doesn’t tip much over the edge for me

I’d be looking more CEH for Sanders and Woods but that’s maybe taking it too much in other direction.

So what you mean it that it’s a perfecting opening bid. :slight_smile:

How about Sanders plus Singletary. They’re light on RBs.