Want to sell Tyreek high, what's a good asking price?

Ideally, I’d like to flip T. Hill and one of my other receivers of Goodwin, J. Brown, Cole, Godwin for two consistent reliable receivers while Baldwin is out.

Who can I realistically target?

Is Fitz and Tate too much?

Considering the latest results let’s say Hill is one tier above Fitz and Tate; the other receivers you’re offering are not good enough to justify both Fitz and Tate.

I’d probably go for Tate/Landry and a reliable tier 5-6 flex such as Agholor or Chris Thompson.

I would not want tate. Tate is going down hill. If you watch the game, Golladay seemed like a prefered target of stafford as a possession receiver rather than the vertical threat he was used as last year and he looked excellent in that role. Tate got 15 targets but most of it came later in the game once it was already a blow out. Going forward, I fully expect Golladay to eat significantly into Tates target share as they work the same area of the field.

Hill is a full tier above Larry. That offense is just so bad its disgusting to watch. The defense isn’t much better. I don’t know how many red zone looks that team will get this year. For Hill, I don’t even know if its a matter of selling high. I’ve been one of the first to come out on here and say I was wrong about him. Him and Kamara are just players where the law of regression doesn’t seem to apply. They are special talents. I would take like Hill + Goodwin and go and target like a Keenan Allen level player. I wouldn’t give him up for anything less at this point.

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