Want to trade Jordan Reed- but for who?

I’m not great at trades. I never know which ones are good deals for both teams.
I have Jordan Reed and just lost Josh Gordon and am looking for a good RB/WR to use in my flex. I have Gronk as my main TE. Who is someone that is a good trade?

The person who needs a TE the most has : Gordon, Elliott, Landry, Thomas and Hilton as their starters. Which of these are a good trade or not?

What do you need? I’d target Elliott or Thomas for Reed and maybe one other player on your team. It just depends what else he needs.

Your best bet would be to target Thomas or Hilton. Personally I would try to snag Hilton. But he’s most likely not going to move a starting RB for a TE especially one made of tissue paper. I doubt he does a deal straight up for Reed but maybe throw in an extra smaller piece to get it done.

Thanks for the help guys. I asked for Thomas and added Corey Davis- i have other strength. hopefully he goes for it. I think he gets the better deal. I just need a solid WR1