Wanting to create a competitive 2 Qb league, looking for co-commisoner and seeing if anyone would be interested

Here is what i believe rosters should consist off:
12 teams .5PPR 10-30$ buy in. Would be league safe (hopefully co-commisoner has experience doing this as i don’t)
2 Qbs
1Flex W/R/T

6 teams make play offs
1st and 2nd team get bye
3rd, 4th, 5th make it in. 6th is reserved for team with most points scored in regular season, if he is already in then it just goes to the next guy with best roster. This eliminates those kind of ones off s that have happened where the guy just goes against the best or 2nd best scoring team each week.

Leave your email if you are intersested in this. I have over 3 years commisioning a very competetive 16 team leaguer that are all footclan members and they seem to trust and respect me as commisioner, however i don’t think anyone should be commissioner of more than 1 league at a time so i would hope someone else could either be commisioner or be co-comiisoner so that we can share some responsibility.
Strawpoll for draft date will be made when we fill up
If you have any questions email me or text me @